We help businesses bring back their IT office assets and aging & excess electronics into circularity, maximizing revenue from items in any condition.​





IT Office Assets

Humble Sustainability works with teams of all sizes to help bring back their IT office assets into circularity, while maximizing revenue.
We can handle all sorts of IT equipment, including laptops, monitors, desktops and phones amongst others, and we have a high quality B2B network of buyers and recyclers who take items in any condition! Many businesses end up throwing their IT assets away, or selling them at a really low price, making it impossible for them to get a return on their investment and undo the damage that these items cause to our planet.
Humble is the credible and sustainable solution, saving items from the landfill and helping you earn up to 5X more from the items, all with that modern service this industry deserves.

Electronics Aging & Excess Inventory

Humble Sustainability specializes in liquidating excess and aging inventory, slow-moving products that businesses have difficulty selling to their customers for one reason or another. We bring back these items into circularity, while maximizing revenue.
Aging & excess items, while they may still be in excellent condition, depreciate in value over time. The longer they stay in your warehouse, the higher the chance you’ll have to sell them for a lower price. This can negatively impact your revenue, take up space in your warehouse and damage the planet in the process.
This doesn’t have to be the case for your business! If you have aging or excess inventory, reach out to us immediately so we can help you recover the highest possible value from them, fast!

Liquidation of Other Categories

While Humble Sustainability does specialize in electronics, we still have the ability to bring back other categories into circularity, such as clothes or furniture.
If you like the sound of what we do but have items that fall under a different category, please still reach out to us so we can assess your inventory and get back to you with a game plan!
We can’t guarantee that we can handle everything, but we can commit to giving you 100% honest feedback for what we can do for you - from there, it’s your call.



Discovery Call
Reach out to our team at Let’s talk about your business, inventory, common interests and goals. Let’s ignite that spark!
Get to know your inventory
We’ll request for you to send us the list items you want to liquidate with us. The earlier we receive this the better!
Review our proposal
After receiving your list, our team will review the items, propose a game plan and pricing based on our market research and experience.
Seal the deal
Once you approve our game plan and pricing, we will finalize our agreement with an MOU and arrange for the shipment of your items to our warehouse.
Receiving and inbounding
When we receive your items, our team will start our quality checking process, segregating them according to their condition/quality and now it’s time to start selling!
Stay updated with complete transparency
Once we get the ball rolling, our team will regularly updated you with progress through high quality account management and reporting.



Recover high value from your assets, keep your inventory moving, and contribute towards the circular economy and reduce our planet’s waste!

Recover high value
Make your office assets and excess inventory the hero and earn up to 5X more from the products you want to sell.
Clear your inventory
 Improve your company's efficiency and keep inventory moving, creating valuable space in the warehouse.
 Care for the planet
 Help bring items back into circularity and let us know your ESG initiatives, we can work on this with you!

Take a look at the items we’ve successfully and sustainably sold. Your business could be our next success!



locad logo

"We should have sought the help of Humble Sustainability from the very beginning.

They provided us with several buyer options for our excess stocks in just a few days and helped us with our end of life cycle management. The process was simple, the negotiations were professional, the action was swift and payment remittances were fast. Somebody really needs to prevent the wastage of goods in the e-commerce industry and ensure businesses are maximizing their assets. Humble Sustainability is that solution.”

Ray Caguin

Locad, Market Lead

satistfied humbler logo

“Our experience with Humble Sustainability in asset disposal, both selling off and recycling items, has been very impressive. We were faced with a pressing project to liquidate excess inventory in the Philippines and they managed to efficiently prioritize and shift the majority of our assets, especially the high-value items, within a tight timeline of just a few months. Humble's flexibility and open-mindedness in accommodating our suggestions during the liquidation process were greatly appreciated. Their communication and transparency ensured we were well-informed about the progress and assets in their possession, fostering a high level of confidence in their services. Humble Sustainability pleasantly surprised us by offering an unforeseen solution for disposing of our defective equipment. While we initially sought environmentally friendly recycling options, they demonstrated their resourcefulness by reselling the equipment as parts, resulting in additional revenue generation. This exemplified their ability to find alternative pathways for disposal, aligning with their commitment to environmental sustainability.”

Satisfied Humbler

H****r, Market Lead



What items can I sell with Humble Sustainability?

 Our best-selling categories are electronics and I.T. office assets such as mobile phones, laptops, monitors and the like. If you have items in another categories, still reach out to us and we’ll let you know honestly what we could do!

Do my items have to be brand new to be sold with Humble Sustainability?

Not at all! We love excess and aging inventory, returns, showroom and open-box items.

What channels will my items be sold on?

Humble has an amazing roster of B2B partners and wholesale buyers. We’ve also got a great network of recyclers and upcyclers. Finally, we have Thrift by Humble, our digital thrift shop where we sell some of the best quality items to individuals on Shopee, Lazada and Shopify.

 How will I know when my items are sold (or not sold!)?

We will be in constant communication with you throughout the project. We’ll send you status reports every 2 weeks or every month, and we’ll check in with you to get constant feedback for how we can improve.

Turn your excess inventory and returns into revenue— the sustainable way!