We bring IT equipment back into circularity.

We are the leading climate technology company in the Philippines, helping businesses sell their IT equipment. We do this sustainably, with excellent service and high value recovery.


We bring laptops, monitors, desktops and phones back into circularity, saving items from the landfill, creating space and maximizing revenue from the items. We also provide climate data and work hand in hand with our clients towards their ESG initiatives.


To bring back 1 billion items into circularity.​


To inspire and enable humanity to help the earth, starting with one item.



How we bring back IT equipment into circularity

For a cause so much bigger than ourselves

Sustainable cities and communities

We save e-waste from landfills and provide livelihood for local recyclers and refurbishers

Responsible consumption and production

We promote circular living for people and businesses, a mindset where the circular economy enters our day to day lives

Climate action

We provide data to measure the impact of our community on the planet and work hand in hand with our clients towards their ESG initiatives



  • Startup leadership roles for 7 years
  • Scaled businesses from 0 to 1
  • 100% Filipino and proud to contribute towards creating impact in The Philippines and beyond
  • A genuine optimist, driven by faith and on a mission to help others in any way that she can


  • CEO for 5 years, scaling the business 10X and growing the team to 200 people
  • Honored by Tatler Gen.T for advocating for the circular economy and winner of various notable young leader awards over the years
  • Half Dutch, half Welsh, with a dash of Filipino in his soul from 10 happy years living in The Philippines
  • Passionate about where technology and innovation are used to create real impact for people and planet